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  1. 1/21/16 Conference Call

    1/21/16 Conference Call

    • 01.21.16 Conference Call Topics
    • Blog set up for IAASW communication. Set up & send intructions to Board
    • Board contribute to list of possible members
    • Organize Indications of Interest to see where concentraction is located
    • Conduct a survey for the format of educational meetings to find out the best way to reach the audit community
    • Send contacts to Penny. Contact Audit Managers for survey to get audit community involved
    • Set Mile Markers 1. Local Chapters 2. Regional Seminar

  2. 02.11.16 Conference Call
    IAASW.com website will be the preferred medium for topic discussions
    Carrier Contacts – please forward any contacts to Penny Martin. Penny will make calls to the carriers asking for support of the local chapters and regional association. What would the managers like to see out of the association?
    Survey for Local Chapters – We chose SurveyMonkey to ask auditors their opinions. We are gathering questions at this time.
    Tool Kit for Local Chapters We have been approved by NCCI to create papers on premium audit topics for the purpose of educating auditors in our field. These papers will be used to help start up the local chapters.
    Annual Regional Meeting – Suggested location is Hot Springs AR. We are looking for suggestions for venues, topics, speakers

  3. Survey Questions: Please give me your suggestions/additions. We will post the survey on SurveyMonkey when ready

    • Local Chapter Questions: Would you prefer a lunch meeting, after work meeting or conference call? How far would you be willing to drive to attend a local chapter meeting? How frequently would you attend a local chapter? (quarterly, every other month, etc.) Would you be more interested in an educational meeting, networking, or a combination of both?
    • Regional Association Conference Questions: Would you attend a regional meeting in Hot Springs AR? What other cities would you prefer? Would you prefer a conference that was 1 day, 1 1/2 day? Do you have a preference to the day(s) of the week? Do you have any topics that would be preferred? Would you have any speakers or topic suggestions?
  4. Topics for Back to Basics for Local Chapter Startups Please respond with your topic choice.
    1. NCCI Part 1, Rule 1 – Classification Assignment by Saundra Hamel
    2. Disputes by Maureen Longanacre
    3. by Penny Martin

  5. Regional conference at Hot Springs AR in the fall Please respond with hotel suggestions, and any persons that may be willing to line up a speaker or speak on the suggested topic.
    Suggestions so far include: Cyber Crime (FBI or SS), Premium Audit Attorney from AR ( any suggestions?), Key Note speaker (possible Navy Seal), Premium Fraud (any suggestions?)

    1. I have asked around and one of my auditor’s wife has meetings in Hot Springs frequently. She had two suggests; the Hilton and Embassy Suites which are adjacent to the Convention Center. She just had a meeting last week at Embassy Suites and they loved it. Both hotels are on or near the Historic area of Hot Springs. Please comment your opinions.

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